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ummm..twitter is down and idk what to do with myself. but i just remembered i can post here!!

so umm..i'm in marcs dorm room. his roomie went away for the weekend so i r sleepin over. i guess some drunk guy peed/threw up/ something across the hall so theres some yelling goin on. i'm gonna do some yoga (because i do yoga in the am, dawg) and then go to sleeps. lol that's it


Contest Entry

i haven't made icons in over a year- probably two. but i felt like giving it a go so i made 3 for the twilight contest at so here they are!

made with the psp trial version :( i miss photoshop.

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not  dead! yeyey!

sooo, whats new.

im a senior in highschool this year, and ive already been accepted to millersville university where i plan to major in elementery education-early childhood option. woot.

im having some relationship problems. we will say this- at this point, im dating two boys. my boyfriend of 2 years who just now realized he cant live without me, and a boy ive had a crush on for years. both know everything that im doing with the other. its really, really weird.

and.......... im officially addicted to mac!! makeup is so fun and im blowing any money i have on it.

thats it. im boring.

but i miss you!

look, its bob!!

hey guys, i know its been a while but i need to ask you a favor.

my boyfriend wants to read some fanfiction. yes, i said it.

he wants to read some harry/ginny and ron/hermione. and maybe im using him as an excuse cause i REALLY want to read some harry/ginny ron/hermione.

UMMMM so who do I call when i need a favor? MY OLD BOO's!!

so um...can somebody reccommend me some fics to read? long or short, any kind really. i just extra dont want to comb through

um...I LOVE YOU?!?!?!?!?!?! I LOVE YOU LoVE YOU lOVE YOU!!!!!!!!! please help me out holme slices. i love you. i miss you. cvs has eaten me whole